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An amazing, growing choice of over 300 hotels, resorts, villas, and bungalow accommodations are open on Ko Samui. The style and comfort level ranges from simple huts or cabins to five star luxury suites.

Our frequently updated Accommodations List is the most comprehensive directory of all resorts, hotels, bungalows as well as private houses, villas and apartment.

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Hotel, Resort, Bungalow NameLocationfrom [THB]includesnotes
Aloha Resort & SpaLamai Beach1750.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Amanda Resort SamuiBangmakham Beach1650.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Amari Palm Reef ResortChaweng Beach3350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Amarin Victoria Samui ResortMaenam2000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Angthong VillaBaan Plai Laem Beach37145.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Aree BungalowLamai Beach400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Ark Bar Garden - Beach ResortChaweng Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Fah ResortMaenam Beach1450.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Family ResortLamai Beach800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Haad Ngam Boutique ResortChaweng Beach4350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Hin Sai ResortCoral Cove Beach2000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Baan Rom MaiChaweng Beach300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Baan Samui ResortChaweng Beach2850.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Shadis SamuiMaenam Beach850.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Baan Suan SiriwanMaenam300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Baan Suan Sook ResortChaweng Lakeside980.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Talay ResortChaweng Beach2100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Ban Kaew Ruean KwanBophut Village3850.00   
Ban KhaoBophut Beach14780.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Ban KinareeBophut Beach28950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Ban Laem SorLaem Sor Beach16890.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Ban SuriyaLipa Noi35300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Ban Talay KaeoBophut Beach10000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Banana Fan Sea SamuiChaweng Beach2700.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Bay View ResortLamai Beach650.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Beach House Samui HotelBig Buddha Beach900.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Beachcomber HotelChaweng Beach2100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Best View BungalowChaweng Noi2300.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Big Blue BungalowChaweng Beach500.00   
Big Buddaha VillaBophut Beach6191.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Big John Beach ResortLipa Noi Beach850.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Bill ResortLamai Beach800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Blue Lotus Guest HouseChaweng Beach500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Bonny HotelLamai Beach600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
BT MansionLamai Beach600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Buriraya Resort & SpaLamai Beach5650.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Cabana Grand View HotelChaweng Beach2375.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Cactus BungalowBophut Beach400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Central Samui Beach ResortChaweng Beach4500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Central Samui VillageHua Thanon Beach1990.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Chaba Cabana Beach Resort & SpaChaweng Beach3700.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaba Samui ResortChaweng Beach2750.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chalee BungalowBig Buddha Beach800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chavin CondotelChaweng Beach540.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng PR GuesthouseChaweng Beach600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng Bayview ResortChaweng Beach2500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Chaweng Beach HotelChaweng Beach850.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng Blue LagoonChaweng Beach2950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Buri ResortChaweng Beach2850.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Chaweng Cabana ResortChaweng Beach2375.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Chaweng Center HotelChaweng Beach1000.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng ChaletChaweng Beach1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Cove ResotelChaweng Beach1300.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng House Center PointChaweng Beach850.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Regent Beach ResortChaweng Beach4540.00incl. BFST  
Chaweng ResortChaweng Beach1590.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Chaweng Villa Beach ResortChaweng Beach1300.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Coco Palm Samui ResortMaenam Beach700.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coconut GroveMaenam Beach3915.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coconut LagunaMaenam Beach7600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coconut ParadiseMaenam Beach4200.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coconut RiverMaenam Beach4200.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coconut SandsMaenam Beach4200.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coconut TropicanaMaenam Beach4592.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coconut VillaThong Tanote Beach300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coconut VillageMaenam Beach3480.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Como ResortBig Buddha Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC  
ConstanzaChaweng Beach1500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coral Bay ResortChaweng Beach3000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Coral Cove ChaletCoral Cove Beach1600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Coral Cove ResortCoral Cove Beach700.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Corto Maltese ResortChaweng Beach1800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Crystal Bay ResortThongtakian Beach700.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
East 100Lamai Beach41273.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Eden BungalowsBophut Beach1190.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Ever Green ResortChaweng Beach400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Family BungalowChaweng Beach1450.00incl. VAT, SVC Special 
First Bungalow Beach ResortChaweng Beach1800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Florist ResortMaenam Beach385.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Free House BungalowBophut Beach500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Galaxy ResortLamai Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Grand Rock ResortLamai Beach400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Green CanyonLamai Beach250.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Green Guest HouseChaweng Beach400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Green VillaLamai340.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Green Wood BungalowsBaan Plai Laem600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Happy PlaceBig Buddha540.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Headland VillasTaling Ngam Beach8950.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Hi Coral Cove BungalowsCoral Cove Beach800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Hillcreast VillaLamai2500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Imperial Boat House HotelChoengmon Beach2950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Imperial Samui HotelChaweng Noi Beach3350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Impiana Resort SamuiChaweng Noi Beach2200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Island GuesthouseChaweng Beach Area700.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Iyara Beach Hotel & PlazaChaweng Beach2000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Jungle ClubChaweng Noi450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Jungle Park ResortLamai Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Laem SetHua Thanon Beach1000.00incl. VAT, SVC Special 
Lamai Inn 99Lamai Beach400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Lamboray Villas-Villa Saya-Villa TumaChoengmon Beach6191.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Lawana ResortBophut Beach1650.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Le Royal Meridien Baan Taling NgamTaling Ngam Beach6604.00   
Lilly House ResortLamai Beach300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Lolita Bungalow SamuiMaenam Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Long Island Resort & SpaLamai Beach750.00incl. VAT, SVC Special 
Magic ResortLamai Beach400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Malibu Beach ResortChaweng Beach1400.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Marcopolo Resort & SpaChaweng Noi2187.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Moby Dick GuesthouseChaweng Beach450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Montien HouseChaweng Beach1400.00incl. BFST  
Moon BungalowsMaenam Beach300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Moon Light HotelChaweng Beach450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Moonhut BungalowMaenam Beach350.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Mountain View Paradise ResortLamai450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Muang Kulaypan HotelChaweng Beach2680.00incl. BFST  
Napasai Pansea Orient-Express HotelsMaenam Beach9450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Nara Garden ResortBophut Beach1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Natural Wing ResortBang Po Beach1600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
New Lapaz VillaMaenam Beach300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Nora Beach Resort & SpaChaweng Beach3000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Nova Samui ResortChaweng Lake Area1625.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Orchid Suite ResortLamai1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Oriental Samui ResortBig Buddha Beach450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Palm Island HotelChaweng Beach1550.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Papillon ResortChaweng Beach1400.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Pavilion Samui Boutique ResortLamai Beach5100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Peace ResortBophut Beach2400.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Pearl Rattana ResortLipa Noi Beach600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Pinky ResortMaenam Beach600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Pinnacle Resort SamuiMaenam Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Poppies Samui ResortChaweng Beach6300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Princess VillageChaweng Beach2850.00incl. BFST  
R.V.N. Marina Beach & ResortHua Thanon Beach1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Relax ResortChaweng Beach1500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Rocky ResortLamai Beach2100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Royal Living ResidenceBang Po Beach4500.00incl. VAT, SVC Special 
Saboey Resort and VillaBig Buddha Beach3600.00incl. BFST  
Sala Samui Resort & SpaChoengmon Beach5350.00incl. VAT, SVC Special 
Samui Bay View VillageSamrong Bay2000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Bayview ResortChaweng Noi1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Samui Beach ApartmentsChaweng Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui Beach ResortLamai Beach680.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui First House HotelChaweng Beach800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Garden ResortBig Buddha Beach500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui Island Beach Resort & HotelChaweng Beach900.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui Lagoon BayChaweng Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC Special 
Samui Laguna ResortLamai Beach1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Samui Mermaid ResortBophut Beach300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui Mountain VillageChaweng Noi2000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Natien ResortChaweng Beach1980.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Samui Newstar ResortChaweng Noi Beach1625.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Samui Paradise Beach ResortMaenam Beach3800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Paradise ResortChaweng Beach1350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Park ResortLamai Beach1135.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Samui Peninsula Spa & ResortChoengmon Beach3880.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Samui Plaza HotelChaweng600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Resotel (Munchies Resort)Chaweng Beach1100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Yacht ClubThongtakian Beach1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Sand Sea & Spa ResortLamai Beach1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Sandalwood Luxury VillasChaweng Noi5365.00incl. BFST Special 
Sandy ResortBophut Beach600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Sans Souci SamuiChaweng Beach1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Santiburi ResortMaenam Beach9080.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Seafan Beach ResortMaenam Beach1900.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Seascape Beach ResortChaweng Beach1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Serene Hill Resort & SpaLamai2000.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Shady ResortMaenam Beach600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Siam Residence HotelTong Yang Beach5778.00   
Sila Evason Hideaway SamuiBaan Plai Laem Beach12080.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Sira-Sarai Garden HomeChaweng650.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Smile House ResortBophut Beach1350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST Special 
Smui Orchid ResortHua Thanon Beach1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Sunday Tropical ResortBophut Village1680.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Surat Palm ResortLamai Beach450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Tassana PraBig Buddha40000.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Tenuta La CostaTaling Ngam Beach3302.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Thai House Beach ResortLamai Beach2500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Thai House InnLamai Beach800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Thai Villas Resort & SpaLamai Beach1750.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
The ApartmentsBophut Beach5365.00   
The Beach ResortLamai Beach400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
The Red HouseBophut Beach1500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
The WaterfrontBophut Beach1590.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Tongsai Bay Cottages & HotelTongsai Beach8500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Tradewinds CottagesChaweng Beach1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
View Point ResidenceBig Buddha Beach1600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Villa MedicisBophut Beach16509.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Villa OctavioLamai4800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Wazzah Resort & BungalowsMaenam Beach450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Weekender Resort & HotelLamai Beach1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Weekender Villa Beach ResortLamai Beach800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
White House HotelChoengmon Beach2950.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Wiesenthal ResortTaling Ngam Beach619.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Will Wait ApartmentChaweng800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
World ResortBophut Beach1050.00incl. BFST  
Zazen Boutique Resort & SpaBophut Beach1965.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Bungalows and Villas on Koh Samui, Thailand
Bungalows and Villas on Koh Samui, Thailand
Bungalows and Villas on Koh Samui, Thailand
VAT: 7% Gov. Tax
SVC: 10% Service Charge
BFST: Breakfast

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