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Bophut Village and Bophut Beach

Bophut is a small village at Koh Samuiís north coast which overwhelms through its old-world charm, long traditions and welcoming hospitality. This may have been the place where Koh Samuiís early settlers from Hainan Island (now a province of China) established their first fishing and coconut farming community.

The historical seafront shop houses have now been converted into restaurants, boutiques and guesthouses giving the village an almost Mediterranean ambiance.

This is clearly Koh Samuiís most romantic hideaway, which comes to life in the late afternoon and early evening at an agreeable and relaxed pace. Spacious, luxurious suites at The Apartments The restaurants in Bophut Village are highly rated for their international and Thai traditional cuisine. Bophut Village is also known and sign-posted as Fishermanís Village.

The most sophisticated accommodation in Bophut Village is found at The Apartments, located right at the beachfront. Guests at The Apartments enjoy spacious and luxurious 2- or 3-bedroomed suites, all affording panoramic seaviews.

Bordering the village and extending two kilometers beyond is Bophut Beach, a beautiful sand beach with clear blue water. Several outstanding and affordable hotels are located along Bophut Beach:


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Hotel, Resort, Bungalow Namefrom [THB]includesnotes
Anantara Resort & Spa Koh Samui5800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
B1 Villa & Spa2800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Bophut2900.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Phu Pha Resort900.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Ban Khao12406.00incl. BFST  
Ban Talay Kaeo12406.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Bandara Resort and Spa4800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Beach Front Apartment1500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Bophut Resort & Spa6800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Cactus Bungalow400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Carpe Diem Hotel1650.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Cocooning Hotel999.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Eden Bungalows1990.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Free House Bungalow500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Hillside Village Resort1950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
L Hacienda Hotel1400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
La Sirene Apartments2000.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Lawana Resort3100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Nara Garden Resort1150.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Nature House800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Peace Resort3100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Palm Beach Resort3750.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Sandy Resort700.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Serena Beach5900.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Smile House Resort1517.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
The Red House Hotel1900.00incl. VAT, SVC  
The Sundays Sanctuary Resort & Spa1100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Villa Medicis16000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Villa Samsara + Villa Bagheera4500.00incl. VAT  
Villa Tanamera2700.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Waterfront2300.00incl. VAT, BFST  
World Resort1471.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Zazen Boutique Resort + Spa5600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
VAT: 7% Gov. Tax
SVC: 10% Service Charge
BFST: Breakfast
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Peace Resort Koh Samui
Peace Resort Koh Samui
The Apartments, Bophut Village
The Apartments, Bophut Village
Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa
Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa
The Waterfront Hotel Bophut
The Waterfront Hotel Bophut

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