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Chaweng and Chaweng Beach

Chaweng is still Koh Samui’s most popular holiday destination. The former tiny fishing village has transformed into a vibrant cosmopolitan resort town and an established tourist center, with Samui’s largest accumulation of bungalows, hotels and resorts.

Clearly, the eight kilometer long tropical, white sand beach is the most impressive and picturesque beach on Samui. Chaweng’s quantity and diversity of shops, restaurants, bars and discotheques is also unmatched anywhere else on Koh Samui. Visitors to Chaweng do not seek serenity, but come to enjoy entertainment, activity, shopping and a wide variety of dining options.

Most of the hotels in Chaweng are middle class with decent service and facilities. Also several up-market resorts are present here. The really cheap and simple backpackers’ huts, typical for Koh Samui in the eighties and nineties, have been upgraded or made room for luxury hotels.

Chaweng Beach can be divided into three segments: The southern end of Chaweng Beach is a wide, open section, with ideal swimming conditions and a smooth, velvety ocean floor. The center of the bay, “The Knee”, is a busy, bustling area with bars, volleyball, jet ski rental, and an endless stream of hawkers offering their wares. From here a coral reef runs in parallel to the beach, sheltering the northern section of Chaweng Beach from high surf during the monsoonal months of October and November. This is the quietest part of Chaweng Beach and safest for families with children as the sea is shallow and impassable for jet skis and parasailing boats.

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Hotel, Resort, Bungalow Namefrom [THB]includesnotes
Akwa Guesthouse922.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Als Resort1850.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Al`s Hut1450.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Amari Palm Reef Resort4600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Arina Boutique Residence1290.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Ark Bar Garden - Beach Resort1800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Chaweng Beach Resort & Spa2700.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Haad Ngam Boutique Resort3050.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Kao Hua Jook Villas + Apartments1850.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Baan Rom Mai450.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Baan Saen Sook Villas1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Samui Resort2350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Suan Sook Resort880.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Baan Talay Resort2200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Banana Fan Sea Samui3900.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
BB Chaweng Beach Resort1850.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Beachcomber Hotel3550.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Bhundhari Spa Resort and Villas5750.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Buri Rasa Village6350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui6450.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Bay View Resort2200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Beach Hotel1000.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng Blue Lagoon4350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Buri Resort2650.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Center Hotel1100.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng Chalet1300.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Cove Resotel2750.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Garden Beach Resort2300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng House Center Point850.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng Park Place1500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng Pattana Home2500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng PR Guesthouse600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng Regent Beach Resort5500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Residence500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Chaweng Resort1800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Chaweng Villa Beach Resort1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Constanza Boutique Resort2800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Coral Bay Resort4900.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Corto Maltese Resort1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Dara Samui Beach Resort & Spa Villa4950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Ever Green Resort2050.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
First Bungalow Beach Resort1850.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
First Residence950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Green Hotel750.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Hotel Ibiza1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Iyara Beach Hotel & Plaza3350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Kandaburi Resort & Spa4550.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Le Paradise Boutique Resort and Spa3300.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Lucky Home Resort500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Malibu Beach Resort1800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Montien House1750.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Moon Light Hotel400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Muang Kulaypan Hotel2950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Muang Samui Spa Resort3550.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
My Qxpress Chaweng950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Nora Beach Resort & Spa4700.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Nora Chaweng Hotel2250.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Nora Lakeview Hotel1300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Nova Samui Resort1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Palm Island Hotel1800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Pandora Resort & Spa2600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Papillon Resort1790.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Penzy Guest House1290.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Poppies Samui Resort7500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Queen Boutique Place1400.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Rose and Crown777.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui Beach Apartments1199.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui Coral Resort1600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui First House Hotel999.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Island Beach Resort & Hotel1800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Lagoon Bay1000.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui Natien Resort2800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Paradise Chaweng3250.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Plaza Hotel1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Sans Souci Samui2000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Sareeraya Villas & Suites11300.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Seascape Beach Resort1400.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Superpro Samui1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Tango Beach Resort1550.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
The Briza Beach Resort & Spa8850.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
The Island Resort & Spa1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
The Library9850.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Tongtip Mansion850.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Villa Lawana5400.00incl. VAT, SVC  
VAT: 7% Gov. Tax
SVC: 10% Service Charge
BFST: Breakfast
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