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Lamai Village and Lamai Beach

The second most popular beach on Koh Samui - in terms of number of visitors – is Lamai Beach. It stretches over five kilometers from Laem Nan to Hin Ta – Hin Yai rocks formations. The sea is rather shallow at the northern end of Lamai Beach, provides good swimming conditions around the village center and becomes crystal clear and azure blue near the south end, where it laps against granite boulders. The sand at Lamai Beach is a bit coarser and not as white as in Chaweng.

Very similar to Chaweng, a fairly narrow street runs in parallel to the middle section of the beach creating a tourist and entertainment village. Lamai provides an interesting mix of budget accommodations, luxury resorts, wellness spas, food stalls, up-market restaurant, girlie bars, cabarets and discotheques. The village is a lively and noisy setting, especially during nighttime.

The better hotels and resort spas are located at some distance from the turmoil, either north or south of Lamai Village. And Lamai’s resort spas have made their name in the circle of health and wellness oriented visitors to Koh Samui:

Rocky Resort and Galaxy Resort provide comfortable lodging at reasonable prices.

Cash strapped visitors trying to stretch their stay will board at the Aloha Apartments, where monthly discount rates are available.


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Hotel, Resort, Bungalow Namefrom [THB]includesnotes
Aloha Apartment600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Aloha Resort & Spa2000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Am Samui Palace1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Ananta Lamai Beach Resort1200.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Aree Beach Resort800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Auberge Resort1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Family Resort1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Baan Si500.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Bay View Resort700.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Beach Republic The Residence10353.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Best Resort1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Bill Resort800.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Bonny Hotel749.00incl. VAT, SVC  
BT Mansion650.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Buddy Boutique Hotel2650.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Cinnamon Beach Villas2050.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Coconut Beach Resort1300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Golden Sand Beach Resort1550.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Grand Manita Beach Resort1700.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Grand Thai House Resort1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Green Villa300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Hathai House800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Lamai Beach Residence1400.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Lamai Buri Resort1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Lamai Inn 99900.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Lamai Plaza Residence1000.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Lamai Wanta Resort1600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Magic Resort550.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Mango Village2300.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Montra Samui4500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Ninja Place800.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Orchid Suites Resort1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Pavilion Samui Boutique Resort5150.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa6709.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Rockys Boutique Resort5300.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Royal Cottage Residence950.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Rummana Boutique Resort4100.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Sallamai Resort690.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samaya Bura2150.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Beach Resort880.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Garden Home2000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Jasmine Resort2450.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Laguna Resort1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Pink House720.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Samui Seabreeze Place1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Samui Sense Beach Resort2350.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Sand Sea Resort & Spa1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Sarocha Villa1000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Seaview Paradise1750.00   
Serene Hill Resort & Spa1150.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Silavadee Pool Spa Resort7050.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Surat Palm Resort600.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Thai Ayodhya Villas & Spa3000.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Thai House Beach Resort3150.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
The Cottage@Samui300.00incl. VAT, SVC  
Varinda Resort1900.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Villa Nalinnadda4600.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Weekender Resort & Hotel1200.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
Weekender Villa Beach Resort1000.00incl. VAT, SVC  
WW Will Wait Full Service Apartment1500.00incl. VAT, SVC, BFST  
VAT: 7% Gov. Tax
SVC: 10% Service Charge
BFST: Breakfast
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Aloha Resort and Spa
Aloha Resort and Spa
Pavilion Samui Boutique Resort
Pavilion Samui Boutique Resort
Renaissance Koh Samui<br>Resort & Spa (former Buriraya)
Renaissance Koh Samui
Resort & Spa (former Buriraya)
Thai Villas Resort & Spa
Thai Villas Resort & Spa
Lamai Beach at Galaxy Resort
Lamai Beach at Galaxy Resort
Rocky Resort, Lamai Beach
Rocky Resort, Lamai Beach

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